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The story behind the logo

-Starting from the top, the small drops together creating a big drop remind us that each drop counts. We do what we can, breastfeeding can be only a "one time latch" to a "few years journey" and everything else in the middle.

-ABC is a concept that is designed to help parents from the moment they are expecting to end of their lactating journey.

  • A like Antepartum. Pregnancy is a good time to get ready and learn about what to expect.

  • B like Birth and Beyond, getting help and support during this challenging time is crucial.

  • C like Continuing and Conclude, offering guidance and informations about all the options available for the families so they can make the most appropriate choice to meet their needs is an important value at ABC Lactation.

-Estelle Fraisse is my name, I am French and I have been a French nurse for 18 years. RN stands for Registered Nurse and I have been a nurse in the USA since 2013.

BSN stands for my level of education (Bachelor in Science of Nursing).

The IBCLC title stands for International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. It is the higher diploma that can be achieved in lactation.

-And last but not least, the Green color.

Green is the color of the nature, growth, freshness, energy. It represents hope for a better future.

I created the logo by myself with the guidance of my friend Sylviane whom I thank.

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