Everything you need for you and your baby's lactation journey.

Cheerful Pregnant Woman

Free Phone Call

During a free 20 minutes phone call, we can speak together to evaluate your needs, see how I can help you, and how you can beneficiate from lactation support.  


As a Labor & Delivery and Postpartum Registered Nurse, I know how important it is to be prepared to welcome one or more babies into a family. 

The Essentials is a 2 hours class to get the basics, an excellent way to start learning the fundamentals about lactation for busy families.

I always answer parents' questions and if there is a specific condition or pathology we can make a plan to increase the chances to be successful. 

Nursing Newborn

Breastfeeding consultation 

Breastfeeding is not always easy. I can help you with techniques and protocols, especially in the first few weeks postpartum. We can assess and make a plan together to improve the situation.

The consultation includes:

-A very thorough assessment with feeding evaluation, evaluation of your goals, and development of a plan. 

-After the consultation, you will receive a detailed care plan with the information you need.

- 1 follow-up email or phone call to adjust the care plan as needed.

-For any additional questions, you can contact me via email or text message for the next 2 weeks after the consultation. 


At any point in your breastfeeding journey, I'm available to work with you with the goal of increasing your and your baby's well-being.

"Follow-up" is a shorter appointment (1 hour) to make an adjustment on the original plan of care or how to manage a specific situation (ex: medical procedure with anesthesia while breastfeeding), It cannot replace a breastfeeding consultation.

Breast Milk Pump

Back to Work

Your transition back to work can be a challenge, emotionally and logistically for the entire family.

If you think that using a breast pump may be a good option for you, I can help with sizing, efficient pumping session, milk storage information, how to save time while pumping, cleaning, organizing. 

We can help baby with the transition and assist with the bottle feeding. You will learn how to introduce and use gently the bottle. Other feeding methods can be reviewed as well.