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Insurance Coverage

Do you have a PPO plan? Let's check your coverage, you might qualify for 

6 lactation visits 100% covered (no copay, no out-of-pocket). 


 I'm in-network with Aetna PPOs. You should be all set to book an appointment.


In-network with The Lactation Network

 I'm in-network with PPOs with Anthem Blue Cross and Cigna or any PPO with the PNOA logo or the Multiplan logo, with billing intermediary The Lactation Network (no extra cost to the patient).


Self-pay means that you will pay me directly, and I will provide you with an invoice and a "Superbill" that can be used to claim reimbursement from your insurance. Under the ACA (Affordable Care Act), health insurance plans are expected to cover 100% of breastfeeding support, as a preventive benefit (details can be found on the National Women's Law Center here). In practice, I cannot guarantee reimbursement, as some insurances can make it difficult to get reimbursed. The Superbill can also be used for FSA/HSA claims (lactation support is an approved expense).

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