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Pumping-Part #2

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

How to choose the right pump?

Choosing the right pump for you is key.

I would suggest to start by defining your needs:

- The purpose of the pump (long term pumping, return to work, occasional pumping, pumping for a baby who is not latching/in NICU...)

- Important feature you would like, cord free, silent, light weight...

I also recommend calling the insurance to check the coverage for an electric pump. Insurances often cover 1 electric breast pump per pregnancy (or 18 months). The insurance might ask you to choose in between a few different preselected models. It is possible to do it prenatally, during the last trimester. I always tell the families during prenatal breastfeeding class to take a moment and check. It is nice to have an extra time to do some researches on the models that the insurance offers.

You can also ask if they cover for rental if you need to rent a specific pump (hospital grade pump).

Next post (I hope soon): "Different types of breast pumps"

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