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Medications and Breastfeeding, do you have to choose?

Updated: May 13, 2022

Medications and Breastfeeding, do you have to choose? Whenever the lactating parent needs to get on medication, many questions are rising. Is it safe for the baby? Should I pump and dump? Should I stop breastfeeding? Sometimes providers are not feeling comfortable prescribing medication to someone who is lactating. Most often it is because the provider or the parents don’t have any idea what will transfert to the milk or not, and if there will be any effect or not on the baby. It is a valid concern. What families need to know is that : -There is a large number of medications considered safe while breastfeeding. -Each medication's compatibility can be verified. LactMed can help to have some information about the medications and breastfeeding. Also, Hale’s classification is really helpful. -When there is a question about a medication often there is a reasonable alternative. -An IBCLC can help. How an IBCLC may help with medication, medical procedures, anesthesia, and more… while breastfeeding? By researching evidence-based current information the IBCLC will provide support, recommendation, and a plan of care. The IBCLC will help to coordinate the medical needs and breastfeeding. The IBCLC won’t go against medical advice. The goal is to work together with providers to achieve the best outcome possible for the entire family. And yes, if weaning is the only option or the parent's informed choice, the IBCLC can also support the family. #ibclc #ibclccertifiedlactationconsultant #ibclcsupport #medication #breastfeeding #breastcancerawareness #allaiterpartouttoutletemps #allaiter #breastfeedingeverywhere #breastfeedingsupport

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