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Hand Expression/Hand Pumping

Using your hands to express the milk from your breast. It is important for a lactating parent to know that it is possible to remove milk from the breast without a pump. It can be very helpful during the entire lactation journey but it might be a game changer around the birth. Hand expression can be used: - To express a small quantity of milk like colostrum. - To help soften the breast when it is too engorged. - To express the milk to be able to use an alternative feeding system (bottle, cup...). What to do : - Be gentle to do not hurt yourself, don't squeeze too hard. - Wash your hands. - Get into a comfortable position. - Massage your breast, you can use a hot pack. - Make a C shape with your hand - Place your thumb and index finger a little behind the areola. (Slide#2) - Pull back toward the chest. - Compress in between the thumb and the index and roll toward the nipple. - Get into a rythme. - Collect the milk into a container. It should not hurt and it should be gentle. You can watch this video: #handexpression #lactation #lactationconsultant #ibclc #feeding #breastfeedingsupport #breastfeeding #breastpumping #handpump #colostrum #engorgment

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