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Breastfeeding Multiples

We know that breast milk is preferable for all babies.

Being pregnant with twins or more is a risk of having a premature delivery. (I will write a post about premature babies and breast milk in the future). Pregnant parents with multiple will need help and support to be able to breastfeed.

The #1 concern is the production of breast milk. Parents are often worried to do not making enough milk for their twins.

Unless a medical condition was diagnosed and with a good support system it is possible to EBF multiples.

During pregnancy, the body gets ready to support multiple babies, and lactation responds to the principle of supply and demand. To achieve the most optimal lactation, it is important to latch the babies on the breast on demand (= as often as they need) from birth. In case the latch is not possible or not optimum, hand expressing and pumping will be necessary.

The body will respond to the stimulation by providing adequate milk supply production.

Confidence increases the chances to be successful in breastfeeding multiple. To increase confidence getting prepared is key. Also, being part of a group of parents of multiples is very helpful it helps to learn what to expect and see how others handle new challenges.

Each family needs to find what will work for them.

I like to give families tools to handle situations, they can fill out their toolbox and slowly be independent.

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