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Baby's Weight

Let's talk about baby's weight!

How does that work for a full term, healthy baby?

It's one of the first question that the parents ask after the birth. Do you know my baby's weight? Did you weigh my baby? This information makes them very happy but soon it becomes something that everybody monitors closely and it can be stressful. Parents have a lot of questions about the weight.

Why is my baby loosing weight? How much my baby should gain? Is that enough? Is that too much?

Weight is one of the tools that professionals use to evaluate the well being of the baby but parents should know a few important things about baby's weight especially after birth.

- The average birth weight of a full term baby is 7lbs 2oz to 7lbs 6oz (3.2-3.3kg) but it can rage from 5lbs 8oz to 8lbs 13oz (2.5kg-4kg) according to WHO.

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