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Mother Baby Breastfeeding

Hi! I’m Estelle, a perinatal nurse and Board Certified Lactation Consultant in San Francisco, California. My mission and passion are to help parents and babies on their breastfeeding journey. I serve San Francisco and the Bay Area and South Lake Tahoe. Every family has a different story and a different set of challenges. I offer individualized care tailored to your needs and goals. 

"Breastfeeding may be natural but it is not instinctive"

Do you want to speak with me to see how I can help you? 

How can I support you and your family? 

I can either meet you in-person for a consultation in the comfort of your home or online using a secured video consultation system.



Let's get ready!

Studies show that families are more successful if they are prepared for their breastfeeding journey.

One of my missions is to help families build knowledge around birth and breastfeeding. I offer prenatal education to help you make informed decisions, write birth plans and become more familiar with what to expect. We are working together to improve your chances of reaching your breastfeeding goals whether it is your first pregnancy or not


We cover the basics of breastfeeding first and we go over your specific situation during the second hour of the meeting. I answer your questions and give you recommendations for your birth plan and the hospital stay. 


I am a labor and delivery nurse and postpartum nurse, I am familiar with a large range of birth from the most natural to the higher risk birth. My goal is to give you the right amount of information that will help you to navigate your very specific breastfeeding journey. 


Birth & Beyond

Baby is here!

In the comfort of your home or online, I am here to answer all your questions and provide direct care and support.


Each family is different. It is not uncommon to experience some challenges during the first few days or weeks of the postpartum period.


By assessing the situation, making a plan, providing compassionate support, and reevaluating the situation, I can help you achieve your breastfeeding goals. 

During the initial consultation, I am performing a full assessment of the family (conception, birth, feeding, weight...). After identifying the difficulties we are establishing a reasonable plan toward the family goals. 

After the visit, I provide a written care plan that the family can refer to.  

I offer two weeks of assistance (phone and email) after the visit so the parents do not feel overwhelmed. 

Sometimes, the situation is complex and we need more time. The follow up appointments are designed to help moving forward step by step.



What's next?

To continue your breastfeeding journey you might need assistance with pumping, going back to work, sudden breastfeeding issues, infection, medications, or even some unexpected life events

I am here to guide and help you by explaining and giving you reliable evidence-based information

I also can help with your baby's sleeping issues.

Feeding and sleeping are two main needs of your baby.

Just like any other skill, your baby will reach some milestones with sleep.

There is no training or magical method.

Just like breastfeeding it is important to understand the physiology and what difficulties the baby is facing that prevent him/her from sleeping and figuring out how to help the baby feel better to be able to sleep. 

"We cannot force a baby to latch on the breast, we need to find why the baby cannot latch, we cannot force a baby to sleep we need to find why the baby cannot sleep with respect and patience"  

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